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Tips that will save you money on buying a new car

Your vehicle is starting to give up or you just want to change it for a new car? It is possible, but it will undeniably put your hand in the wallet! Do you want a good plan new car? Then discover our 8 tips to know in order to lower the price of your brand new jewel.

Know your budget

Fantasies and daydreams set aside, it is essential to determine your needs as this will allow you to direct your research. How many children do you have? Do you roll a lot? Do you have a dog that you often take with you? Is the trunk size important? So many questions that will allow you to reduce your list to only a few models.

Visit the Auto Show

And yes, who says beginning of the year undeniably says Auto Show. What better place to study different models, compare prices, note the inevitable conditions lounge and crack for a new car? In addition, be aware that by signing the deed of sale on the spot, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 working days. This is not the case when the contract is concluded at the dealership: it is final and can not be broken.

After your visit to the Salon de l’Auto, however, it is advisable to visit your dealer because he will be able to direct you to a model according to your needs and requirements. You will also be better able to negotiate the price of the vehicle, the recovery of your current car and the latest sales conditions.

Good to know

If you need to apply for a loan from a financial institution, add a clause to your sales contract stating that it is effective only if your bank loan is accepted.

Play the competition

That’s it, your list is established. It is therefore time to go to different dealers and try these models to exclude those who ultimately do not meet your criteria.

Once the tests are finished, consider requesting a commercial offer from the different resellers (of the same brand as well) in order to be able to compare the prices as well as the different packs, accessories, equipment and guarantees offered. This will allow you, moreover, to play the direct discount on the price or the addition of equipment, and thus negotiate a new car price.

Opt for a less recent model

Thanks to these different offers, you have a more accurate idea of ​​the model that seems to match you best. So it’s time to start comparing the different offers: take the time to order a new car 100% customized, be less difficult and choose a stock car with many of the desired options or favor a less recent model? The choice remains yours.

 However, be aware that the last option is very interesting financially. Indeed, model in the process of being renewed, you will enjoy more benefits, whether in euros or accessories, equipment, warranty extension, …

Leave the hand to the seller

He is very familiar with his work and the financial limitations he has. It is therefore important not to rush it by letting it put a first card on the table, often around a discount of about 5%. At this point, make it understand that the factors of time, make and model are not a problem.

Also play the card of the comparison between different dealers to see if it will lower, of itself, still a little more the price. Depending on the brands and resellers, you can get an average of up to 15% off, according to magazine.

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