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Loan Application – Credit Inquiry

Individuals can apply for loans using digital banking channels or branches whenever they need them. Especially in order to save time in cash requirements or not to go to the branch for pre-application, instant credit applications can be made through internet banking.

It is very easy to apply and has many options. However, consumers are wondering when the application will be finalized. Rather, people in need of immediate cash are more curious when the loan application results.

For this reason, we explained in detail how many days the application process was completed and how the inquiry process was made for Good Finance loan applicants.

When is Good Finance Loan Application Completed?

When is Good Finance Loan Application Completed?

As soon as your information about Good Finance loan application is recorded in the system, your application completion process starts to process. If you have done this at the branch, the process starts when your customer representative saves your application information to your bank system.

First of all, your application for credit is sent to the operation unit via the system. It is then sent to the head office of the bank. At the headquarters, the credit products, debt balances, income status and similar criteria that you used before your application date are examined.

At the end of this review, your application is answered. On average, we can say that the examination ended between 1 and 7 days .

Results in 1 to 2 business days


If you have applied for a Good Finance consumer loan product, your application usually results in 1 to 2 business days . If you have applied for a mortgage loan product, the application time will be increased as an appraisal report and similar situations arise.

For this reason, Good Finance informs the applicants that although the banks do not respond clearly, the process will usually end within a week.

Good Finance Credit Inquiry

Good Finance Credit Inquiry

When you apply for a Good Finance general purpose loan, mortgage or vehicle loan product, you can easily find out the stage of this application. There are different methods available for this process.

For example, you can visit the branches and get information from your customer representative about your loan application. However, if you want to make a quick Good Finance loan inquiry , you can use telephone banking or online banking channels. 

Both the retail and corporate customers of the Bank are able to process application inquiry via internet banking. With a few simple transactions, you can immediately learn your Good Finance loan application without waiting for the bank to return.

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