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A loan or lease Mercedes-Benz Class A?

In 2016, Mercedes-Benz has sold more than two million cars, becoming the world’s number one premium car manufacturer, ahead of its compatriots Audi (a subsidiary of Volkswagen) and BMW. And it is thanks to his model Class A, bestseller, that she has succeeded. This compact and financially accessible car allows Mercedes-Benz to target mainly young people and consequently to broaden its target. But when buying such a high end vehicle, should you prefer a car loan or a Mercedes leasing?

A technological issue

The star brand has decided to renew its class A city car in 2018, the fourth generation of the model, while keeping its inevitable dynamism. On the technology side, it seems that Mercedes-Benz team semi-automatic driving system. This will allow the car, under certain conditions, to brake, accelerate and even turn. In addition, high tech , it will be equipped with a totally digital instrumentation, like Audi and its Virtual Cockpit.

For regulars long distances, the new cruise control will be a real pleasure: it will adjust the speed of the car depending on traffic. Then the quality of materials, strongly criticized so far, will be improved and the car will offer a large LCD Touchpad in the center console. What to enjoy connectivity and new technologies with ease.

Motorization for everyone

Class A 2018 will remain a front-wheel drive (most models of the brand being propulsion) but will offer the possibility of having a full transmission. From the point of view of the diesel models, the 2.1 L should be replaced by a 2.0 L hiding a power between 160 hp and 190 hp. The star brand will also offer a hybrid 3-cylinder to which will be added at 50 kw electric block. On the gasoline side, it is developing a new 4-cylinder 2.0 Turbo. And for fans of speed, the AMG version and its 400 hp will be a real pleasure. What really benefit from what is under the hood!

A vehicle simulation

In order to have a more accurate idea of ​​the price that such a car could cost, here is a simulation realized on the site of Mercedes-Benz, knowing that the starting price of this model is 28,798 € VAT included.

Mercedes Class-A leasing

When you take a Mercedes leasing, you pay a monthly payment for a specified period, usually 5 years. This fixed amount includes various aspects to make your life easier: insurance, maintenance, Full Omnium, … Only the essence remains at your expense. There are two ways to take a car lease: directly from the dealership, or from third-party sites.

This includes:

  • 10,000 km per year: every extra kilometer will cost € 0.08
  • Interviews and repairs, summer tires
  • Breakdown in Belgium (excluding replacement car)
  • Omnium insurance (with a deductible of 375 €)
  • 4 seasons tires

Good financing for his vehicle

When buying a new car, it is generally more interesting to take out a loan because the car is yours. There are different types of car loans according to your criteria: a loan for a new car or an opportunity. You will benefit from a better interest rate in the first case than in the second. And several options are available to you:

  • Make a personal contribution of 20% and take out a loan of 80%;
  • Apply for a 100% loan to cover the full amount of the car;
  • Negotiate at 110% or even 120% loan to cover other expenses such as interviews, insurance, various taxes, etc.

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